Executive & Project Assistant at TalentSquare

Job Description

  • As the Executive Assistant & Project Lead, you’ll be our go-to superhero, seamlessly switching between two dynamic roles:

The Executive Assistant Side:

  • You’ll be the right-hand person to the CEO, flawlessly handling their calendars, meetings, and travel arrangements. You’ll anticipate their needs even before they do, because, let’s face it, you’re a mind-reader in disguise.
  • Your organizational wizardry will ensure executive-level communications and presentations are polished to perfection. Confidentiality? It’s your middle name! You’ll guard sensitive information like a vault.
  • When it’s showtime, you’ll shine! You’ll expertly orchestrate executive-level meetings and events, making sure everything runs like clockwork. Chaos? Not on your watch!
  • Whether it’s project status updates, business analyses, or client communications, your penmanship will shine. You’ll craft clear, concise, and impactful reports that captivate and inform with superhero-like precision.

Proposals and Pitch Decks:

  • As our wordsmith extraordinaire, you’ll put together persuasive proposals and dazzling pitch decks that leave potential partners and clients awestruck. Your eloquence will be our secret weapon to win over hearts and seal the deal!

The Project Lead Side:

  • You’ll be the fearless leader of our projects, guiding them from inception to triumphant completion. With your strategic vision and ninja-like project management skills, nothing will stand in your way!
  • You’ll define project objectives, create detailed plans, and rally our dream team to bring visions to reality. Stakeholders will bow to your genius!
  • Problem-solving is your playground. When hiccups arise, you’ll tackle them head-on, leading the charge with confidence and finesse. Superheroes never back down!

Your Superpowers:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Project Management, or a related field (because you’ve got the smarts!).
  • Proven experience as an Executive Assistant and Project Lead, with a track record of successes to show off. A year or two, we’d take that!
  • Your communication skills are the stuff of legends – articulate, persuasive, and engaging!
  • Project management tools are your sidekicks – you wield them with grace and skill.
  • You lead like a hero, inspiring teams to conquer challenges and reach for the stars.
  • Organization is your superpower – multitasking is your playground, and you juggle it all like a pro!
  • Your discretion is legendary – trust is your currency!

N150,000 – N200,000 monthly (Based off on experience and pre-tested skillsets).

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