Inventory Control / Procurements Manager at a 24/7 Online Food Delivery Services Company

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Job Description
  • We are looking for a food business inventory management expert with in-depth knowledge & experience managing restaurant inventory systems using technology/ software to ensure accuracy.
About this Role

This is a technical role – technical skills are required:

  • You will be working as our inventory & procurements lead
  • This role involves accurate data entry into our systems, managing procurement processes, advanced inventory management using technology & more.
Detailed Information
  • Develop, document and implement best practice inventory control and management processes
  • Develop and implement policies to ensure stock items are properly stored in all the warehouses and stores including cold chain to prevent damage, spoilage and loss
  • Ensure storage layout is optimally utilized by constantly reviewing layout, space utilization and materials.
  • Ensure effective planning of stock activities using historic sales data and adequate documentation
  • Define minimum stock level and reorder quantity taking lead time of each item into consideration. Ensure this is regularly updated in line with changes in business operations.
  • Develop effective supply chain procedures and ensure proper communication between vendors & outlets.
  • Ensure adequate and timely stock accounting records are maintained for stock receipts and issuance.
  • Monitor stock level on daily basis and ensure adequate stock levels are maintained at all times in line with sales
  • Authorise all stock receipt and dispatch from central warehouse and equipment store
  • Analyse data to proactively plan for future needs including imported items
  • Ensure the rule of First-in-first-out is complied with across all warehouse and our stores. Also, ensure that perishable stock like plantain are painstakingly sorted at the point of receipt to ensure that riper/ softer ones that are more likely to perish sooner are used first.
  • Oversee warehouse and store staff and conduct performance appraisal on a timely basis
  • Drive capacity building and training of warehouse and store staff including induction and orientation for new staff
  • Define and implement an optimal departmental structure to support expanding operations of the Company
  • Ensure regular stock count exercise are performed and all discrepancies are resolved in a timely manner
  • Investigate in conjunction with internal audit, damage/obsolete or missing stock items
  • Ensure implementation of good housekeeping principles within the warehouse
  • Liaise with Procurement to define and update standards for inputs/ raw materials: photo of standard, shape, size (dimension/ weight), ripeness, colouration, texture etc (particularly for inconsistent raw agricultural products): eg plantain, pepper, tomato, asun; (fish, prawn & snail etc size)
  • Ensure compliance with standards on inputs/ raw materials received into store (thoroughly check, reject sub-standard items, promptly report/ record, track and resolve issues)
  • Carry out research and liaise with maintenance to define and update optimal storage, preservation or ripening practices for item in store, and ensure compliance.
Preferred Requirements
  • 3-5+ years experience using automated inventory management systems (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Must have worked in a similar position
  • Tech-savvy & analytical
  • Strong leadership and supervisory skills
  • Experience with data entry
  • Highly skilled in Microsoft Excel
  • High level of attention to detail
  • Problem solver
  • Excellent communication skills (written & oral)
  • High level of honesty & integrity.

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