How To Become A Product Marketing Manager

Are you interested in a career as a product manager but are not sure how to start preparing for it? We got you covered!

Product marketing managers work at the intersection of product development, marketing, and sales. Moreover, the broad responsibility is to develop and implement the marketing strategy roadmap for the specific product.

Also, to successfully reach their goal, product marketing managers work with colleagues across diverse departments throughout the product life cycle.

However, like the title, product marketing managers focus heavily on marketing, so they often coordinate efforts with strategists across many marketing disciplines which include digital, social media, brand, and market research.

Furthermore, product marketing managers may also work closely with product managers, user experience (UX) designers, engineers, and stakeholders in the product launch including communications and sales teams.

It will be helpful for product marketing managers to know a bit about how each of these departments works efficiently worn together.

What Does a Product Marketing Manager Do?

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A product marketing manager is the expert on their organization’s products and must promote knowledge and sales of these products to their existing customer base and the general public.

The following are the responsibilities of a product marketing manager:

  • Conduct competitor analysis and market research.
  • Also, translate valuable product features and benefits into customer-facing messaging.
  • Collaborating with diverse departments to optimize sales and marketing approaches.
  • Have training sales team on products.
  • They monitor product sales and revenue.
  • To create market campaigns to generate new sales leads.

Salary of Product Marketing Managers

Salaries for the full-time product marketing manager vary depending on the level of education, relevant experience, and employer’s industry, company size, and location.

  • The common salary in the United States is $113,784 yearly.
  • While some salaries range from $32,000 to $211,000 yearly.

Product Marketing Manager Requirements

A product marketing manager will entail certain requirements depending on the level of jobs you desire including:

1.    Education

Product marketing managers typically have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business administration. Moreover, some employers will prefer a master’s degree in addition to the specified length of experience in marketing or a related field like advertising, brand management or sales. Continuing education is beneficial to maintain expertise in current marketing trends and media platforms.

2.    Training

Product Marketing managers often begin their careers working in low-level marketing positions while cultivating their industry-related skills.

Moreover, various individuals can work as product marketing specialists and move up to management, senior management or director-level management, or product marketing or strategy.

3.    Certifications

Membership In a reelected professional organization, like the American Marketing Association, can enhance career prospects through networking opportunities.

Moreover, here are two of the most common certifications for the profession:

●     Certified Product Marketing Manager

The credential from the Association of International Product Marketing and Management is recognized worldwide among product marketing professionals. Moreover, it demonstrates your understanding of the Strategic and tactical functions of product marketing.

However, the certification focuses on the core concepts like the skills, strategies, tactics, and terminology related to the product life cycle.

The online course includes 21 learning modules with materials to help you pass the 120-question CPMM exam with the required score of the least 74%.

●     Certified Innovation Leader

The AIPMM certification is for innovative professionals that want to gain and maintain their competitive advantage. Moreover, the CIL credential gives participants with the knowledge and tools to successfully produce goods and services that provide maximum return on investment to their organizations.

Also, specific topics will be covered in the workshop that include strategic alignment, project planning, product launch and more.

4.    Skills

Product marketing managers must have exceptional communication and time management skills as they must be creative, flexible and goal-oriented with strong leadership and motivational skills.

Other useful skills include:

●     Public Speaking

The product marketing manager is tasked with developing and delivering training presentations for sales and support teams.

Moreover, you must be comfortable standing and speaking in front of the group, whether it consists of marketing colleagues, C-suite management or prospective clients.

However, persuasion is a related beneficial skill that can help you convince groups of professionals to support professionals your position and ideas.

●     Search Engine Optimization

The skill is important to determine the keywords your customers use to find your products as well as your competitor’s products.

Moreover, the product marketing manager uses SEO tactics like customer discussions and competitive research to develop the right marketing tactics for the products.

●     Sales

The product marketing manager should know how to ask effective questions to discover their customer’s requirements.

Moreover, you will then use the information to pitch the product and explain why it is the most ideal solution for the customer’s needs.

●     Research And Analytics

Product marketing managers familiarize themselves with web research and analytics tools to interpret data and use it to drive their efforts.

However, the skill also includes recognizing patterns and potential problems especially issues that can influence product growth long term.

Additionally, you’ll need these skills to keep aware of your competitors’ actions and how they might affect your product positioning.

●     Strategic Planning

The successful product marketing manager uses the skill to extract information to ensure the success of the product through all of its development stages.

Moreover, the soil also involves prioritizing tasks and developing effective messaging that will facilitate your product’s long-term success.

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