Deep Blue Energy Services Limited Job Openings

Job Title: Governance & C&P Committee Coordinator

Location: Lagos Island, Lagos
Job Type: Contract
Category: Oil & Gas


  • The Service Holder facilitates the presentation of Quality High Value Purchasing Dossiers to the Contracts Committee (Tenders Board) for Consideration/Approval
  • Carries out High Level Preliminary Review (Quality Assurance / Quality Control) of Purchasing Dossiers (Strategy, Award, Post-Award) to be presented to the Contracts Committee (Tenders Board) for Approval and provides timely feedback on them after examining/testing them to ensure the following:
    • Transparency: Dossier Sections (Background, Objective) analyzed to ensure that Company’s rules and procedures related to purchasing have been followed and that the Subject is clear and unambiguous and the processes followed, fair.
    • Fairness:  Dossier Sections (Background, Objective, Strategy, Technical/ Commercial Evaluation) analyzed to ensure that the approach taken is/has  been consistent and impartial, with interested  & qualified Contractors, Vendors,Suppliers, Consultants placed on a level playing field in arriving/to arrive at eventual selection/recommendation.
    • Efficiency: Practicality of the Strategy to be deployed or recommendation made weighed with respect to simplicity, swiftness, achievement of positive results without extended delay, and compatibility with the available resources and professional capabilities of the Contracts & Procurement Division.
    • Economy: Dossiers examined to ensure best value  for money is achieved taking price and quality into consideration, noting that lowest initial price may not equate to lowest cost over the operating life of the item  or  Service  procured:  Market Intelligence  & Savings  Sections  of  Dossiers  to  be  examined  for completion, depth/thoroughness, accuracy of results and interpretation. Budget & Planning information to be included in the Dossiers and to be checked for consistency/ alignment with Dossier’s Subject/Request (Budget Sufficiency/Adequacy…proper  planning)  or  for  remediation  proposals/actions  if  there is  nonalignment /inadequate Budget.
  • Accountability  & Ethical  Standards: Dossiers  examined  to  ensure that test of  Human Rights  &  Due Diligence Compliance is administered on potential     Vendors/Contractors and that these Vendors/Contractors are  returned as  Compliant. In addition to Moral Ethics, Environmental Ethics is ensured by  examining  the Dossiers  to  make sure that Sustainable  Purchasing practices  have been adopted in form of the inclusion of Carbon Footprint Reduction (CFR)  Initiatives to be performed on the Service or related to the Service and that priority is placed on renewable energy, recyclable products, where applicable.
  • Supports the Manager in  preparing  for  & coordinating  the Contracts Committee  (Tenders Board)  Meetings (background support in the areas of Agenda preparation; ensuring endorsement of Presentation Slides by relevant hierarchies and formal QA/QC  and final endorsement of Slides by Contracts Committee Secretary; dispatch of Agenda and Endorsed Presentation Dossiers to Contracts Committee Membership)
  • Maintains two trackers: A Contracts Committee QAQC Tracker and a Contracts  Committee Meeting Highlights/Actions  Tracker to facilitate adequate follow-up  on  Open Actions to closure and proper Record maintenance.
  • Prepares Sustainability Moments to be presented at the Contracts Committee Meeting (in line with the Sustainable Development focus of Company.)
  • The Service Holder carries out General Facilitation of Divisional Governance Meetings and Reporting:
    •  Collates inputs from the different Domains and presents in Report format
    • Co-Moderates the HSE  Meetings and Interface Meeting with Company’s External Stakeholders Interface Division (Partners & Authorities Relations Team)
    • Ensures smooth coordination of the Meetings including Safety Moments
    • Prepares and circulates Reports in a timely manner
    • Develop and improve upon  Meeting templates
  • The Service Holder serves as the Division’s HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment, Quality) and Sustainability, (Sustainable Purchasing – Carbon Footprint Reduction; Energy Management)  Focal/Point Person.
  • The Service Holder deputizes  as the Division’s  Compliance Representative  ensuring  the Due  Diligence Compliance of the Division’s affiliated Third Party Contractors/ Vendors.
  • The Service  Holder deputizes  as the Division’s  Company Management  System (CMS)  Correspondent ensuring that the Division’s Governance Documents (Procedures, Work Instructions) are uploaded to the CMS portal and updated as required. The Service Holder supports the Methods & Performance Sub-Division (Strategic Sourcing Department) in the preparation of the Procurement  Plan (Look-ahead Procurement  Planning for  Contracts Committee purposes.)


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management, Law, Engineering, Sciences, Business or Humanities
  • Minimum of 12 years experience in Purchasing (Contracts & Procurement) or/and other Supply Chain Management activities in the Oil & Gas Industry or elsewhere
  • Membership of relevant professional bodies in Supply Chain Management or Operational functions will be an added advantage.
  • Age:  25 Years – 55 Years

Preferred Skills:

  • Excellent Analytical & Numeracy Skills.
  • Excellent Communication Skills.
  • Excellent Inter-personal Relationship Skills.
  • Commitment to excellence, respect for deadlines and great team spirit.

Application Closing Date
9th August 2023.

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