Latest Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria

The most interesting job to engage in is the Federal Government Jobs. There are so many jobs to look at for and learn from but many graduates prefer Federal Government Jobs. Have ever wondered why a federal government Job is most preferred?

There are various reasons for this and we do list a few for you. However, this article is not solely to tell you the reason why the Federal Government Job is the most preferred among graduates. But rather we wrote this to help you with the Latest Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria and how best to apply for the specific one you are interested in and get it.

In this guide, you will get information on the Latest federal Government Jobs Openings, Deadlines for applications, Salary scale, and how to apply for these jobs. It is important to note that information for Ongoing Recruitment will be updated for any current federal government Jobs in Nigeria.

Therefore, we encourage you to read carefully to understand this vital information on Federal Government Recruitment in Nigeria.

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Please note that the ongoing recruitment will always be updated so as to give you the current federal government jobs. Why update, we will remove any job opening that has been closed. We, therefore, advise that you check this page regularly for your latest federal government Jobs. Here are the Latest Federal government Jobs you can apply.Show 102550100 entriesSearch:

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Closing Date for Ongoing Recruitment

It is important to know the closing date for each of these ongoing federal government Job recruitment. This is specified in the Job description, Kindly click on the Ongoing Job openings to see the closing date.

How to Apply for Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria

To apply for federal government jobs in Nigeria you must understand the various method of application.

The method of application varies for each job.  But before we dig into the various forms or methods of applications understand what method of application means.

Method of application means the format or form in which a specified job opening can be applied.

We have five common means

  • Through the Job portal i.e website
  • Through emails.
  • That is. through the use of google forms or other forms
  • Through phone numbers; this is not really common with FGN jobs. Please we also want to advise that you do be very careful with this method of application.
  • Through physical address: Although we are in the age of the Internet some things are kind of obsolete, unfortunate people still prefer them. Some federal characters may need you to come to an office to submit your application.

Okay, these are the common and most popular five methods. For each ongoing recruitment click and see the method of application to apply. It is very simple. Just click on your preferred job and down the job detail is a method of application.

Why People Prefer Federal Government Job

Here are the reasons why graduates prefer government jobs to other private jobs. This will also be a strong conviction for you to always look out and apply for federal government jobs.

Salary: FGN Jobs pay well, yes they pay well. You can live a comfortable life with a job in any Federal government agency, ministry, security or preliminaries. Secondly, the salary is always sure to come.

Benefit from the law: you also benefit from the law protecting employees.

Other Important elements you also will benefit is social security, Job separation insurances, vacation, bonus biweekly payment pension, and health security and many more benefits are good reasons why people prefer FGN Jobs to any other.

Finally, You are Sure of Job Security when you have a federal government Job. Unlike the private sector where relieving people of their job duties is the norm.

How to Find Government Jobs in Nigeria.

You can’t get it better than getting it with the best. is the most reliable site for all government jobs. We focus on giving you accurate information regarding any Job and a federal government job is also our top priority.

At, we have a category created basically to feed you with information on Federal government Jobs. we also have Social media platforms you can also get this information from. Check out our Federal government page on Nairaland, you can check it out.

We are equally working hard to bring you the best. Like we stated earlier always do well to revisit this post for your latest Federal Government Jobs.


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