Howard University Scholarships

Howard university scholarships are grants and fellowship funds which are all forms of financial aid which you don’t have to pay back. This type of support is available from different sources such as from individuals, organisations , the federal government , community groups , departments and Howard university.

Howard Tuition 

The cost of attendance ,COA is an average cost for a typical undergraduate for one academic session at Howard. It also takes into account basic living and accommodation into account . A typical Howard undergraduate living on campus and taking the full academic load of courses will pay about $26,464 in tuition , $14,180 for housing needs and $2,276 for other fees.

Howard University Acceptance Rate

Howard university is one of the premier colleges un the united states which is high on the list of many prospective university students. One important criteria for choosing which college to apply to is the tuition then the acceptance rate. For Howard university , the acceptance rate is 41.4%. Because of this acceptance rate there are many students to take advantage of Howard university scholarships.

Howard GPA Requirement

Howard GPA requirement is 3.55 or higher. The university needs you to be average in your high school . The higher the GPA the better your chances in a highly selective university like Howard .you can make up for the GPA by getting higher scores in courses like AP or IB classes.

Federal and State Grants At Howard

To be considered for the federal or state grant at the university you will have to complete the FAFSA form each year but each state has it different deadline which you can check for your specific state.

Other Scholarships At Howard.

 Howard university scholarships are offered and regulated by different academic departments and outside organisations. below are some of the scholarships on offer at Howard university .

Howard University Freshmen Scholarships

This scholarship is only available to incoming freshmen and requires no separate application.

Eligibility is determined by students SAT/ACT scores and GPA as it is completely merit based. But the need based awards is determined by the expected family contribution.

Scholarship Transfer

This scholarship was set up to attract first class students who may have initially enrolled at other schools and would wish to transfer to Howard. The scholarship is very competitive and are only awarded to transferred students who have at least 3,25 and atlas 30 hours.


The recipients os this award receive $10,000grant for the first semester as long as the student moved to Howard. The scholarship is not renewable .

Howard Trustee scholarship 

 This scholarship is strictly on merit to be considered for the offer, students have to to get an average of 3.0, be registered at Howard for a full-time program and need financial assistance . The application process is determined by different schools in Howard.The scholarship amount varies but it is renewable.

Federal Douglass Scholarship Program

This scholarship was birthed to attract new PhD students to Howard university . It is none of the Howard university scholarships that for students who show very strong academic promise. students must enrol in one of Howard’Howard’s doctoral programs to be considered and show a keen interest I education.

Each successful candidates could receive a total of $15,000 per year and up to a total of $75,000 dollars and in addition , $1, 000 will be given each year to to support the students research and each students study discount. They also benefit from faculty supervision and specific activities that will make their stay successful and as such they have to be full time students.


Howard university scholarships are the programs put up either by the university or external donors to support educational and provide financial assistance to the students of the university 

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