Top 10 Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

July 4, 2023 by Samson Abani

What Does a Motorcycle Mechanic Do
The top 10 motorcycle mechanic schools are Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, Universal Technical Institute, and WyoTech – Laramie, Wyoming. These schools provide comprehensive instruction in various aspects of motorcycle repair and maintenance. Graduates of motorcycle mechanic schools have the opportunity to pursue exciting career paths in independent motorcycle repair shops. They can also go into dealerships, custom bike shops, or even start businesses.
Students who graduate from motorcycle mechanic schools earn an average annual salary of $40,000. There are over 10,000 motorcycle mechanic jobs available in the United States. The job outlook for motorcycle mechanics is strong, with an employment rate of 10% over the next 10 years.

What Does a Motorcycle Mechanic Do?

A motorcycle mechanic inspects, diagnoses, repairs, and maintains motorcycles. Their primary responsibility is to guarantee that motorcycles are in good functioning order.
Here are 5 major things motorcycle mechanics do: 

1. Inspection

Motorcycle mechanics carefully examine motorcycles to identify any issues. They use diagnostic tools and their knowledge to assess the condition of various components.

2. Diagnosis

When a motorcycle is experiencing problems, mechanics use their expertise to diagnose the root cause of the issue. They perform tests, analyze symptoms, and consult repair manuals to determine the necessary repairs.

3. Repair and maintenance

Mechanics perform repairs and maintenance tasks like replacing worn-out parts and adjusting engine components. Also, they repair electrical systems and fix brakes and suspension systems. They also perform routine maintenance tasks like oil changes, tire rotations, and filter replacements.

4. Troubleshooting

Motorcycle mechanics use their problem-solving skills to identify and fix complex issues. They analyze symptoms, use diagnostic equipment, and use their experience to solve problems effectively.

5. Test riding

After completing repairs or maintenance work, mechanics test-ride motorcycles to ensure that the issues have been resolved. They also provide that bikes are functioning correctly.

Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

Many motorcycle mechanic schools have demonstrated their worth in the United States. They have an extensive curriculum that appeals to the men of modern machines.

Here are the top 10 motorcycle mechanic schools:

1. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI)

MMI is a famous motorcycle mechanic school with a campus in Phoenix, Arizona. It is known for its comprehensive and technical training programs. The school offers hands-on instruction and teaches students how to diagnose, repair, and maintain motorcycles. MMI provides a state-of-the-art facility, professional instructors, and partnerships with leading manufacturers. The tuition for MMI is $33,600, and their acceptance rate is 60%.

2. Universal Technical Institute (UTI)

UTI is a technical school with a campus in Portland, Oregon. While UTI offers many automotive and mechanical programs, it is one of the best for motorcycle technician training. Students at UTI gain hands-on experience with the latest tools and technologies used in the motorcycle industry. The school focuses on preparing students for careers in motorcycle maintenance and repair. UTI tuition is $33,180, with an acceptance rate of 65%.

3. WyoTech – Laramie, Wyoming

WyoTech has its location in Laramie. Wyoming offers a motorcycle technology program that prepares students for careers in the motorcycle industry. The school emphasizes hands-on training on diagnoses, repairs, and customizing motorcycles. WyoTech has a reputation for producing expert motorcycle technicians who are sought after by employers in the industry. Their school tuition is $32,970, and their acceptance rate is 50%.

4. Motorcycle University

Motorcycle University is in Gardena, California. It is a technical motorcycle mechanic training school. The school provides comprehensive courses covering motorcycle repair and maintenance aspects. Motorcycle University aims to develop highly professional technicians through hands-on training and practical experience. Their tuition is $27,995, and the acceptance rate is 80%.

5. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI)

MMI’s Torrance campus has its location in California and offers similar programs to its Phoenix campus. Students gain quality instruction and hands-on training in motorcycle technology and repair. MMI Torrance equips students with the knowledge and skills relevant to the motorcycle industry. MMI’s tuition is $33,600, and the acceptance rate is 60%.

6. National Motorcycle Institute (NMI)

The National Motorcycle Institute is in Portland, Oregon. It focuses on training motorcycle technicians to meet industry demands. NMI offers comprehensive programs covering motorcycle systems, diagnostics, and repair techniques. Students gain hands-on experience in a practical learning environment and receive personalized instruction from faculty. NMI’s tuition is $31,995, and the acceptance rate is 70%.
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