Top Scholarships In Australia For Africans

Are you planning to study in Australia after your secondary school In your African countries? 

As Australia was growing more popular among international students, this make it your advantage for there will be not much competition in the scholarship that is being offered. 

Australia is renowned as one of the world’s most welcoming countries. As their universities, schools, and colleges are committed to enhancing you with practical skills and knowledge to help you succeed in your chosen industry. 

They are great chances for you as an African student at the top universities in Australia on scholarship.  

Do you want to know more about scholarships in this country, then this article is for you, keep reading! 

Top Scholarships In Australia For Africans 

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Here you will find top scholarships in Australia that you can apply to with a fair chance of winning. It includes: 

  • Australia Awards Scholarships 

Australia Awards Scholarships is one best scholarship programs you will find in the world. This scholarship is a long-term award administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. 

The scholarship program has the objective to contribute to the development of the need of Australian partner countries in line with regional and bilateral agreements. 

The government of this country offers you full tuition fees, establishment allowance, return air travel, contribution to Living Expenses (CLE), etc. This scholarship program for Africans is the most competitive and the best in the world. 

  • Flinders University Scholarship 

This scholarship program is fully funded by the Australian Government. International students around the world can apply for master’s degree scholarships and PhD scholarships. 

The Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships (AGRTPS) international are willing to support African students that undertake Higher degrees through research at Flinders University. 

What the AGRTPS will do includes a living stipend, tuition fee offset, and overseas Health Care coverage. 

  • Graduate Research Scholarships 

Graduate Research Scholarships is available to make student achieve their great aims by undertaking graduate research at the University of Melbourne. 

This University in Australia is offering 600 Research masters and PhD scholarships in the fields that are majorly available in the university to national and international students. 

The University of Melbourne is the best in Australia according to the rankings. 

  • Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships 

This scholarship program is at the University of Sydney that will accept applications throughout the year.

The Australian Government Scholarships are offered to both domestic and international students that want to study Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)and Masters by Research/Master of Philosophy (Phil) at the University of Sydney. 

As the applications are open for a year, it is recommended for you submit your HDR admission before October in other to receive the outcome by February. 

  • The University Of Adelaide Scholarships 

The University of Adelaide offers several Adelaide Scholarships to international outstanding graduates from any country in Africa to commence their education via a Masters’s Doctorate research. 

Awards are available in all discipline areas. It is a competitive scholarship in Australia. As the university was located in South Australia. It was established in the year 1874, which makes it the third-oldest university in Australia.  

  • Scholarships At Macquarie University 

If you want to study in Australia then grab the opportunity of Macquarie University which will provide you with AU$5000 every year for the tuition fees. 

It means AU$ 2500 will be used for each semester to waive part of the tuition. This scholarship is meant for Africans only. 

  • La Trobe College Excellence Scholarships

Maybe you are a high-achieving international student and thinking of applying for the full fee-paying place in the undergraduate or postgraduate study then La Trobe is the scholarship you are looking for. 

The scholarship is between 15%, 20% and 25% deduction on annual tuition fees for your study duration in Australia.  

Every year, more than 20 ACU scholarships are available for international students and each student is rewarded based on academic merit. Their scholarship is 50% for those in Master’s or PhD research students. 

  • Research Training Programme By The Australian Government 

In the year 2016 on December 31st, the International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) ended and was replaced by the Research Training Program (RTP). 

The RTP gives you grants, for each year the Australian universities can support both domestic and international students undertaking Research Doctorate and research Masters degrees. 

They offer students scholarships for the following things: offset stipends for general living costs, tuition fees or other additional allowances related to the research degrees. 

  • University Of Queensland Master Of Leadership In Global Development Scholarship 

The reason for this scholarship is to encourage and support International students from low to middle-income countries that cut edge experience that works on the development of projects.  

If you want to advance your career in the development sector you can apply for this full tuition waiver masters scholarship. 

How To Apply For This Australia Scholarship 

Various African students want to fan scholarships to help pay for their studies in Australia. This content will provide you with tips and assistance that will increase your chances of getting scholarships. 

  1. Make Sure You Participate In The Community Life 

The reason why so many people won the scholarship is based on academic merit or financial need, while some are awarded based on community participation. 

It includes community service or participation in community groups, clubs and sporting teams. 

Australian institutions often look for students that are active in their community and show leadership skills, so make sure you get many relevant activities in your scholarship cover letter. 

Community participation will increase your chances of scholarships when applying. 

  1. Apply For Many Scholarships As Possible 

They are various scholarship opportunities in Australia which is why you need to apply as soon as possible. Make sure you don’t limit your search to the educational institution’s scholarships. 

As they are offered by residential colleges, the Australian Government, International organisations and government departments in their country. 

The school scholarships are for international students that are often awarded in their faculties (for instance the science faculty). 

  1. Request Help For The Applications 

Your scholarship applications are essential. It is often the only means for you to be awarded a scholarship. So your application must be clear and without errors. 

Any mistake can tamper with the result and could make your application rejected. Most mistakes are spelling and grammar blunders, lack of detail and poor presentation. 

If you want to prevent mistakes when you are applying for your scholarships make sure you ask a trustworthy source that will review your application and that is good in English.

4. Read The Scholarship Criteria Carefully 

Before you apply for the scholarship make sure you check carefully everything that is required before you submit. 

Also, make sure your submission meets the deadline, answers all the questions asked in sufficient detail, then meets word limits and is accompanied by any required support documentation. 

Support your documents that include a letter of offer, personal statement, employment history, references or proof of English language proficiency. 

You need to know that some documents will need to be certified or translated. If you have any questions about your application, then ask the scholarship provider before submission to make sure you have applied correctly. 


If you want to apply for the top scholarships in Australia the one for Africans make sure you check the requirement and meet up with the deadline. 

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