How to Apply for Immigration Service Jobs in US

1 year ago

by Nnamdi Nwachukwu


The United States of America is a nation we all know that was built by immigrants. USCIS the agency responsible for immigration is fully committed to securing the promise of America to the thousands of legal immigrants coming into the country in search of freedom, liberty and opportunity. For this reason, we write this guide on how to apply for immigration service jobs in the United States.

Careers at USCIS

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The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the agency responsible for overseeing legal immigration into the United States. So choosing a career path in USCIS is self-rewarding as you are charged with helping people in building better lives while also defending the integrity of the United States immigration system.

As an individual, you can make a significant impact on the lives of immigrants while protecting and securing the shores of the United States by aiding qualified immigrants and refugees access the promise and potential of living legally and working in the United States and consequently becoming U.S. citizens.
You would also be contributing to the USCIS mission to maintain the integrity of the US immigration system while building on America’s promise and foundation as an array of hope and liberty.

How to apply for a US Immigration Service Jobs

Employees have been known to find value, meaning, and personal satisfaction in their work with USCIS. There are lots of opportunities to join the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to start or continue your meaningful career.

All job opportunity announcements by the USCIS are posted on the USAJOBS website. Kindly check out the available job opportunities and read all the information below for additional guidance on how you can apply for a job with USCIS.

Career Opportunities

As the federal government agency in charge of administering immigration benefits for the U.S, USCIS offers a variety of exciting career opportunities to make a meaningful impact on Americas’ future.

As earlier mentioned, USCIS has lots of exciting career opportunities you can choose from to make a meaningful impact on the country’s future. Irrespective of if you’re in search of starting your career or continuing your professional growth, there are lots of varying opportunities awaiting you at USCIS. Kindly find your best fit in the USCIS team and transform your career.

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Some common positions within the USCIS

Below listed are some of the most common positions within the USCIS agency.

  • IT Specialist
  • Immigration Analyst (Fraud Detection and National Security)
  • IT Specialist (Application Software)
  • Immigration Services Analyst
  • IT Specialist (Information Security)
  • Immigration Officer (Fraud Detection and National Security)
  • Operations Support Assistant (Office Automation) and Mission Support Assistant (Office Automation)
  • Operations Support Specialist and Mission Support Specialist
  • Staff Assistant
  • Space Management Specialist
  • Program Manager
  • Business Interface Representative
  • Management & Program Analyst
  • Management & Program Analyst (Quality Assurance)
  • General Attorney
  • Government Information Specialist
  • Paralegal Specialist
  • FOIA/PA Assistant (Office Automation)
  • Asylum Officer
  • Adjudications Officer
  • Appeals Officer
  • Legal Instruments Examiner (Immigration Status Verification)
  • Congressional Liaison Specialist
  • Immigration Services Officer
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Legal Administrative Specialist
  • Immigration Services Clerk (Office Automation) and CIS Clerk (Office Automation)
  • Immigration Services Assistant (Office Automation)
  • CIS Assistant (Office Automation)
  • Refugee Officer
  • Immigration Management Assistant (Office Automation)
  • Community Relations Officer
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Security Specialist
  • Personnel Security Specialist
  • Security Assistant (Office Automation)
  • Intelligence Research Specialist (Fraud Detection and National Security)
  • Investigative Specialist
  • Financial Program / Cost Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Economist
  • Statistician
  • Accountant
  • Contract Specialist
  • Business Operations Specialist

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Although the list above contains various common USCIS positions, this list is not inclusive one that is comprehensive and doesn’t not contain all of the available USCIS positions and also the positions listed above may not be available in all of USCIS locations. The official description of duties and requirements are listed in their job opportunity announcements on USAJOBS.

Learn more about the available opportunities to join the USCIS team by viewing

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