Top 20 Health Tech Companies In the UK

Do you want to find a job that helps people access their health support? Here are the top 20 health tech companies that you can work for in the UK.

There is a term mostly used to describe any technology-enabled solution for the hospital general practice healthcare, it has been a huge global demand for health tech solutions throughout the coronavirus period.

Moreover, remote digital health interventions give a way to social distancing guidance to treat and monitor both COVID-19 and diseases. The UK is driving forward growth in the global health tech companies, as London is the leading hub within the industry.

Here, we’ll explore the top 20 health tech companies in the United Kingdom, ranked in order of investment.

Top 20 Health Tech Companies In the UK

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1.    Huma

It is based in London, Huma has created a digital “hospital from home” technology that allows hospitals to manage health records and clinicians to share patient data through a well-secure mobile platform. In addition, they also created a decentralized clinical trial platform that uses real-time health data to enhance the patient experience.

2.    Cera

Cera is a digital-first healthcare company that gives at-home nursing, repeat prescriptions and telemedicine services to pensioners through the phone and website. Also, healthcare and care delivery companies offer personal services like shopping.

In addition, it has partnered with the NHS and a large number of local authorities, that have been recognised on high growth rankings like Deloitte Fast 50 and Startups 100.

3.    DnaNudge

DnaNudge develops a wearable health tech solution that gives users to make healthier choices, tailored to their DNA profiles. Moreover, user wear watches that guide them in decisions when shopping, helping them to avoid foods linked to conditions they are prone to.

4.    Lumeon

It focuses on web-based software, London-based Lumeon supports medical practitioners to track the progress of their patients and stay on top of administrative tasks.

Moreover, it aims to accelerate patient care at scale, to ensure quality and safety, Lumeon platform enables remote healthcare journeys.

Furthermore, engaging out-of-hospital patients and care teams like automating tasks and coordinating operations, creates new capacity and increased patient flow.

5.    Unmind

Unmind develops a mobile app to optimise mental health within the workplace.

The app allows employees to measure, understand and improve their mental health through seven key areas – coping, calmness, fulfilment, happiness, connection, health and sleep. Additionally, it encourages employers to drive change, by accessing aggregated and anonymized employee health insights.

6.    Numan

Numan is a leading brand in men’s health and wellness. As it operates on a subscription model, the company has developed a platform for men to access health services, medicines and advice from medical professionals at home.

7.    AccruRX

AccruRX gives communication-enhancing software designed to improve the relationship between healthcare providers and patients. Also, the health tech company is working to build more features to make sharing secure information easy across the NHS.

8.    Healthily

This is a self-care app with medical approval, Healthily is known as Your MD. It was created to make medical knowledge accessible in everyday life through artificial intelligence.

However, this app allows users to diagnose their health issues by inputting data about their systems and demographics. It includes everything from coronavirus to sleep issues. Then it automatically advises on the next steps without retaining any data.

9.    Oxehealth

Oxehealth develops software for monitoring their patient health using a webcam. It began as a solution to mental health when nurses were seeking to deliver better care and mental health services to their patients and company software makes them keep a close eye on the vital signs and behaviors’ through the video.

10.  Zava

Zava is previously known as DrEd, as they operate an online diagnostic and prescription service that is designed to replace GP appointments.

Furthermore, patients fill out the medical questionnaire and wait to be matched up with GMC- a registered doctor for review. If tests are needed, they will post them out to be completed by the patient at home.

11. Evergreen

Evergreen Life allows users to record their health data alongside their GP records so that all information is in one place. Moreover, it means that they can also control who they share their information with through its secure platform.

12. LabGenius

LabGenius uses technology that includes robotic automation, synthetic biology and advanced machine learning to explore protein therapies.

Moreover, through the analysis of biological materials, it’s a novel DNA library synthesis technology will likely play a key role in the next generation of drug discovery.

13. Lantum

Lantum is a London-based health tech company with the mission to save the NHS £1b in staffing costs. The workforce management platform connects the GPS to search for temporary work with practices that have vacancies.

Also, Lantum’s software gives a rota tool, clinician network and staff bank that will allow optimizing’s cost and time efficiency.

14. Birdie

Birdie is the creator of an online tool and mobile app that allows users to schedule and manage their home care services for the elderly.

It is well designed to improve visibility over healthcare solutions and to facilitate older adults in the house, it incorporates everything from regular transport booking software to medical deliveries.

15.  Physitrack

For close to 10 years, Physitrack has been providing leading patient engagement solutions across hospitals and among injured athletes.

Additionally, the mobile app and platform have digitized the process of recovery, allowing healthcare professionals to prescribe exercise programmed online.

16. Togetherall

Togertherall has developed an online community platform on which users can post anonymously about their well-being concerns and gain advice from qualified counselors.

Furthermore, there is peer to peer interactions at the foundation of the company’s healthcare technology. As they offer support around the clock and at scale.

17. is a healthcare startup based in Cambridge. It builds AI-driven indexing technology that uses machine learning to match up bioscience and healthcare projects with experts.

This is a platform that can sort through over 100m experts, with data covering every country and language and over 7m specialist areas.

18. uMotif

It was established in 2012, uMotif provides a clinical platform that is meant for a patient that is recovering from surgery or suffering from long-term conditions.

However, it allows patients to track targets that will benefit their recovery like quitting smoking, and to monitor their progress.

19. Thriva

Thriva is a blood testing organization that give test for assessing things like cholesterol levels, kidney function and liver function.

Moreover, when the tests are analyzed, Thriva gives details insight and support as well as GP advice.

20. Medefer

Medefer is a Care Quality Commission registered healthcare provider that works with the NHS to give a virtual outpatient service.

However, their website allows patients to seek individual medical advice the online consultants.


Do you desire to impact patients’ lives whether through direct treatment or providing advanced game-changing products and services? This is an opportunity to join the top health tech jobs for your maximum impact.

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