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Monash University is a public research university in Melbourne Australia and was established in 1958. It was named after a war general and academician- John Monash. It is one of the largest and most highly ranked universities in the world known for excellent teaching and research. The university was ranked #75 globally in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020 and was awarded 5 stars by the Good Universities Guide 2016 for excellent staff qualification, student retention and research grants. To make education affordable, Monash University offers a wide array of scholarship- over 200 scholarships annually! This article will however focus on Monash University Information Technology Scholarship.

Monash University offers one of the largest range of degrees in Australia including over 140 innovative double degree option, bachelor, masters and PhD degrees. With campuses in Australia, Malaysia, China, India and Italy, Monash students get the opportunities to explore other cultures hence encouraging diversity.

Series of scholarship on the information technology field are offered to Monash students, and they are:

  • Information Technology Excellence Scholarship
  • Women in Information Technology Scholarship
  • Information Technology Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Information Technology Indigenous Merit Scholarship
  • Information Technology International Merit Scholarship

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The interesting part about theses scholarship is that they are automatically offered to students in the IT field. Meaning that there is no need for a separate application. All eligible students will be automatically assessed. These scholarships have different eligibility criteria, and the number of awards offered also differs. This article will provide you with all you need to know about these scholarships.

Information Technology Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is for high-achieving students intending to undertake a single or double degree at the Monash Faculty of Information Technology. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must obtain a minimum ATAR of 95.00 or a Weighted Average Mark of 80 for a diploma-level qualification. This scholarship is only available to New Zealand and Australian Citizens.The scholarship is awarded to the highest achieving eligible students. And recipients are expected to maintain a minimum of a distinction average (70% or above) to retain the scholarship. recipients are awarded $6000 per annum for a maximum of four years.

Women in Information Technology Scholarship

This scholarship is for bright young women who wish to study Information Technology at Monash University. The scholarship is merit-based for high-achieving female students intending to pursue an undergraduate degree at Monash in Information Technology. The scholarship is open to New Zealand citizens, Australian permanent residents and International students. $6,000 is awarded to 50 students annually.

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Information Technology Postgraduate Scholarship

This is a scholarship for continuing students studying a postgraduate degree in Information Technology. The award is based on academic achievement, thus Continuing students are expected to have completed a minimum of 18 but no more than 24 credit points of study and a minimum Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 80 to retain the scholarship. the scholarship is open to only Australian citizens and New Zealand citizens$6,000 is awarded for tuition fees per year until the minimum scores the degree is completed.

Information Technology Indigenous Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is reserved for Australian citizen based on merit. It is for indigenous students who can demonstrate substantial academic achievement. Students currently studying IT at Monash or intending may be eligible for this scholarship. Students are expected to maintain a minimum Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 60 each semester to retain this scholarship. $6000 is awarded to two students yearly.

Information Technology International Merit Scholarship

This scholarship is for international students in the IT field with high academic standing. Students must maintain a credit average (60%) each semester to retain the scholarship. Commencing students can also defer the scholarship to another academic session.

How To Get A Scholarship In Monash University

All these scholarships do not require a separate application process. students are automatically accessed for these scholarships based on their academic performance

Monash University Scholarship Deadline

there is no fixed deadline for any of these scholarships listed above. Students who meet the criteria are awarded scholarships.

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