15 Best Education Consultant Jobs For Retired Teachers

These are the 15 best education consultant jobs for retired teachers that don’t involve working as a substitute. Keep reading to know more.

For some years, society and the government at large failed to keep their promise to take care of teachers when they retired. Moreover, this becomes pertinent that they take upon themselves other careers as they retire.

In this article, you will explore consulting jobs for retired teachers who can easily transition into, keep reading to know more about it.

What Is Consulting?

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According to the Oxford Dictionary consulting is a way of engaging in the business of giving expert advice to people working in the profession or technical field.

Moreover, every teacher is a consultant in the making and this is because of the amount of knowledge they have acquired for years on particular subjects to make them experts within their niche.

Who Are the Consultants?

A consultant is an expert that advises in an area of specialization. For instance, a chemistry teacher has hundreds of hours routinely teaching kids how to run certain tests and research over the years he had to be necessitated to keep abreast with the advancement in chemistry.

Also, he has taught them, and this has made him an expert in that niche, therefore he can comfortably give expert opinions in his area of specialization.

15 Best Education Consultant Jobs for Retired Teachers

1.    Tutor

Tutoring is easy and one of the best jobs for retired teachers. As a tutor, you will make use of your experience, teaching skills and knowledge to help students.

Moreover, this is a perfect opportunity when you want to continue teaching and impacting students’ lives on a part-time basis in retirement.

However, tutoring jobs can be local and in-person, or sessions can be conducted online. There are a growing number of platforms for online tutor jobs.

2.    Test Prep

When you work as a test prep instructor is a specific type of tutoring. Rather than working with students that are struggling with a particular subject.

Moreover, you will help those students to prepare for standardized tests like SAT, ACT, GMAT, LSAT, GRE and more. Test prep can be done in a classroom or one-on-one. Also, as a retired teacher, you may have the experience and skills needed to jump into this role.

3.    Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of the best jobs for anyone but retired teachers have unique skills and qualifications that make them fit for the job.

However, there are freelance writing jobs that cover just about any topic that you can imagine. With this, it’s possible to find gigs that involve writing on your specialization or area of expertise.

4.    Writing Coach

A retired educator that has been published can make an excellent writing coach. Moreover, he works with an author on a specific writing project. For an instant, many authors hire writing coaches to assist in the process of writing a book.

5.    Proofreader

The terms editor and proofreader are sometimes used synonymously but the two roles are different. Moreover, we focus on the bigger picture or overall direction like an editor, a proofreader is responsible for small details like spelling mistakes, grammar and punctuation.

6.    College Application/Essay Consultant

Retired guidance counsellors are qualified to work as college application or essay consultants due to their familiarity with the application process.

Moreover, as they get accepted into the right school is a major milestone for a student and can mark an important step on their career path.

7.    Bookkeeper

To work as a bookkeeper is a flexible opportunity because you can work as a freelancer or as an employee. Moreover, there are both part-time and full-time bookkeeping job opportunities that are available.

8.    Educational Consultant

An educational consultant advises students, school boards and parents on the practical ways to approach matters that relate to academics. Moreover, they work with these parties to find out if they’re using the proper technology to see if they have the applicable classroom size.

9.    Sales Representative

A sales representative entices prospects to purchase the company’s products. Also, they perform research on their competitors to see what services their company will offer them to gain an advantage over them in the future.

10. Researcher

researcher examines the information from various sources, assembles it and presents it to their employer. Moreover, employers will be in various industries but the research gathered is imperative to the goals they’re trying to reach.

11. Corporate Trainer

A corporate trainer works with the management and employees to get how to enhance the company’s performance. However, it develops programs to teach skills to employees and keep them updated on best practices to scale their performance.

12. Paralegal

A paralegal is an assistant to the lawyer that helps them to keep files organized, conduct legal research, and write documents relevant to a specific case.

Moreover, it can work depending on when you’re working on a criminal or a civil case but their role is pivotal for the lawyer’s success to represent their client.

13. Editor

An editor reviews content that is sent in by a writer. They determine if the content follows the style guide requirements to provide the organization.

Moreover, edited content can be published in books, magazines, and on websites for the public to view but editors have the authority to make suggestions on how the article can be improved.

14. Adjunct Professor

A teacher who is still passionate about the profession retires from their full-time teaching job and works part-time as an adjunct at a university.

Universities consider adjunct professors as contracted employees who track a particular course to students each semester.

15. Virtual Assistant

Also, with more and more companies outsourcing work, there’s a growing demand for qualified virtual assistants (As). Furthermore, countless diverse services will give you as a VA, so you can build your services around your strengths and experiences.


Retired teachers have plenty of ways to make money and stay active beyond substitute teaching. In this article, we have covered the best education consultants’ jobs for retired teachers.

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